Mistakes companies make in social media

Social media platforms all started with building up communities of like-minded individuals. Now, it’s not only limited to connecting with friends, sharing photos or meeting new people anymore. Over the last few years, businesses realised the true potential of social media in areas such as brand recognition, marketing, sales and rushed to take action to benefit from its wonders. However, like in all other things, whenever there’s a rush, there’s bound to be mistakes.

The first mistake businesses make is not to take social media marketing or social media companies in Birmingham seriously. This article will shed light upon some of the mistakes that businesses make when they go social!

Here are the top 5 mistakes businesses make on social media:

1. Going for the wrong social media platform: Without detailed research about the customers and where they usually hang out, any social media strategy is hardly going to be effective. For example, Facebook might be the most popular platform with the highest number of users, but it’s also one of the least popular platforms for ages 16-24.

2. Choosing a single platform: Social media campaigns in multiple platforms result in more exposure. It’s like traveling to reach a destination. A person usually switches between different types of transport: A plane to travel to another city, a bus or a train from the airport to the city centre and a taxi to reach the final destination. Would anyone rely on a single type of transport?

3. Appointing a beloved nephew as the social media expert: Business owners tend to venture into social media themselves or entrust this task to a beloved family member or an inexperienced intern. Running a personal social media account and posting cute pics of the family cat is quite different from running a professional business account.

4. Ignoring inquiries or negative comments: We all want to hear nice things about us and our companies, but customer satisfaction is vital. Not replying negative comments or not answering inquiries annoys dissatisfied customers to a point that they’ll share their experience with the whole world. After all, social media is all about interaction… and impression.

5. Posting infrequently: What is not seen often, gets forgotten often! With the developing technology, people started having the attention span of fish. Not appearing on social media for a while will have a negative impact on your customers for sure.

Everyone’s on social media in some way, why shouldn’t your business be… in the right way?