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Want To Double, Triple Sales Overnight?

Business Stagnant?

Limited Budget?

Out Of Leads?

We Have Millions Of Segmented Customers Ready To Buy Right Now. Why Wait?

*List & Deployment Included

Burning Your Advertising Budget On Social Media?
Solo Ads/Email Marketing ROI Is Far Superior


Perfect Fit For All Small To Mid Sized Businesses Including These Platforms

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Quality Email Marketing

13492 US-183 Hwy
Cedar Park, TX 78750

Upfront Pricing. Simple & Effective

Lists Over 98% Accurate


7 Campaigns

80+ Standard Targets

*Perfect for Reaching a Large Audience


  • 7 Campaigns of 250,000 $99

  • 7 Campaigns of  1 million $199

  • 7 Campaigns of 2.5 million $299

  • 7 Campaigns of 5 million $399

  • 7 Campaigns of 8 million $499


Lists Over 98% Accurate


Campaigns & Receive List in Excel

100,000+ Customizable Targets

*Perfect for Very Niche or Local Areas


  • 7 Campaigns of 5,000 $199

  • 7 Campaigns of 20,000 $299

  • 7 Campaigns of 50,000 $399

  • 7 Campaigns of 100,000 $499

  • 7 Campaigns of 250,000 $599


Lists Over 98% Accurate


7 Campaigns & Receive List in Excel

100,000+ Customizable Targets

*Perfect for Types of Business or Job Titles


  • 7 Campaigns of 5,000 $199

  • 7 Campaigns of 10,000 $299

  • 7 Campaigns of 20,000 $399

  • 7 Campaigns of 40,000 $499

  • 7 Campaigns of 80,000 $599

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No. 1 Data Source Globally

Most Clients Report a 1%-5% Conversion Rate.

Results vary on many factors

98%+ accuracy
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  • Affiliate Marketers

  • MLM Offers

  • Business Opportunities

  • Work From Home

  • Network Marketers

  • Solo Ads

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • MLM Offers

  • Business Opportunities

  • Work From Home

  • Network Marketers

  • Solo Ads

What Makes Us Different Than All Other Email Marketing/ Solo Ad Providers?

Order Directly With Wholesaler * We have been wholesaling to the largest solo ad venders since 2001 & directly to public since 2019.

Valid email addresses that land in their inbox.


Volume, Volume, Volume. *Our packages range from 250,000 to 8 million not a few thousand like all other solo ad providers.  Campaigns have to be enormous to be successful because of fierce advertising competition. "Law of Averages"

Repetition. *All other solo ad providers only send out your campaign once.. We send it 7 times to the recipient which can triple your conversion rate. "Marketing Rule of 7"

Open Rate and Click Rate Guarantees*If we fall short of our guarantees, we send more solo ads out.

Niche Targeting *Specify the type of people and countries you would like to contact from our extensive list of targeting niches for your affiliate or business site.

Click Tracking *Monitor the number of views and traffic from each ad campaign through a third-party analytic tracking service (included free of charge).

Professional Ad Copy Writing Included *Our professional copywriters are available to write and set up the campaign for your affiliate or business site. (no extra charge). Or hire our professional ad design team to create an HTML ad.

New to Solo Ads? Full Setup & Help! *Our friendly campaign managers are here to take care of things for you. All you need to get started is the link you would like to advertise for your affiliate or business site.


Anti-Bot System Technology * It detects bots by using machine learning algorithms that are constantly updating data about what bots do and trying new ways to detect them.  Bots are not counted in click totals

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • MLM Offers

  • Business Opportunities

  • Work From Home

  • Network Marketers

  • Solo Ads


Recent Google Reviews

Bowen Holmes  

Thank you for an eye-catching ad! I have already received a few leads since the campaign went out. Highly recommended Quality Ads!

Karen Carlson

All promises kept!
I appreciated the quick, efficient completion of my order. All promises were kept. Thank you for the quality customer service

Frances Smith

Fabulous service! Have used Quality Ads a couple of times and always get excellent outcomes. I'd recommend this service.

Opt in Marketing

"A renewed classic"
Overall: If you are a small business owner, an email marketing solution is one of the first tools you need to use in your e-commerce section. If you look on Google, you will find Quality Ads and others fighting for first place on the search. I tried all of them when I started on this, and Quality Ads was the only one for me that delivered a great set of tools for free on their first tier. This pricing model allows small businesses like yours to start without having to invest more money to begin operating. Then, after your business grows, Quaility Ads stays with you, and their price plan tiers are affordable. So, if you are starting on email marketing and you have a small business, give Quality Ads a try, you won't regret it.


Phillip Jordan

Prompt response, nicely done. Very quick response to my ad writing request. Recommend Quality Solo Ads!

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4 stars.png
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