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5,000 Email List & Campaign $199


  • 25% Open Rate Guaranteed

  • 500 Minimum Clicks Guaranteed

  • Free Real Time Tracking

  • Optional Professional Ad Design

  • List Included (Excel File)

Not ready with your final details? 

Hold the 50% off promotion simply enter your email address in field 1 and skip the rest, submit & pay.(you can send details later)

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3. Choose One Or More That Best Fits Your Business Audience.

Skip the rest of this form & simply click submit below for Email List only without the campaign


7. Message Options:


A. If Quality Ads is writing a free text message please give us your website link below. (we will send you a copy before campaign starts)


B. If you are creating a plain text message please enter your text message with website link below.


C. Leave blank if you have created an HTML message and email to

D. Hiring "Quality Ads" to create an HTML Ad for $199 (Leave this section blank)

8. Days would you like your campaign spread over?

Campaign will start within 5 business days & tracking details will be sent to you the day before .
If you are hiring us to create an html ad copy the designers will contact you within 24 hours.

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