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What are Solo Ads & How Does it Work?

What Are Solo Ads?


Solo ads - also known as email marketing campaigns or email blasts - can help drive high-quality, targeted website traffic to your webpage. Our solo ads can be niche targeted to attract highly accurate and responsive buyers to your webpage or business.

When considering whether a solo ad is right for your website or business, you should know that there are no other forms of advertising as cost-effective as a highly targeted solo ad campaign.

The reason they are so cost-effective is that you are essentially "renting the list" of someone who has spent many months and years cultivating high-quality leads that are responsive and niche targeted. With a solo ad, you pay to send your ad to a list that someone else has spent time cultivating and creating.

Most internet marketers and website owners who use solo ads swear by their effectiveness. This form of advertising can yield tremendous amounts of clicks and ROI and the ability to quickly test different campaigns and landing pages to optimize marketing campaigns. Many marketers believe that solo ads are better than PPC or Facebook ad campaigns.

Are solo ads safe? Yes, the solo ads our service sends out are fully compliant with all USA and international email marketing and privacy laws. Your ad goes out only to people who have expressly requested and agreed to receive information to their email addresses. We handle all email compliance, and you are not at any risk when using solo ads through our service.


How It Works...

Safely Advertising Your Business With Quality Ads In 3 Easy Steps

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Choose From:


General Solo Ads

Niche/Local Solo Ads

Business To Business Solo Ads


Choose the Size Package That Fits Your Needs


Complete Order Form, Click Submit & Pay.


Options For Ad Copy On The Order Page

A. You Supply A Plain Text Or Html Ad Copy 

B. Quality Ads Writes A Free Text Ad

C. Hire Quality Ads To Design A Professional HTML Ad Copy (Samples)

  • Your Order Will Be Processed & Receipt will be Emailed

  • You Will Be Assigned An Account Rep. & Account Will Be Set Up

  • Starts 1-5 Business Days Depending On Design & Preparation Of Your List

  • Hired Our HTML Design Dept? Will Reach Out Within Hours To Start Design Process

  • Ad Copy Will Be Emailed Within 24 Hours of Starting For Final Approval

  • 3rd Party Tracker Will Be Set Up & Login Details Will Be Emailed

  • For B to B and Local/Niche Campaigns the actual List (excel file) will be mailed to you when campaign starts

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