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Solo Ad Targets

Below Is Our Standard List. If You Do Not See Your Target Please Use This Form To Receive Your Counts and Target Code Within 60 Minutes So you May Place Your Order.

Work from Home Interest (20 mil+)

Network Marketing (16 mil+)

CBD Users (17 mil+)

Small Business Owners (21 Mil+)

Forex Trader (8 mil+)

Parents (43 mil+)
Pet Owners (26 mil+)
Business Opportunity, (29 mil+)

MLM Interest (27 mil+)
Cryptocurrency Interest (13 mil+)
Hunting Interest (19 mil+)
Firearm Interest (21 mil+)
Cars and Accessories (17 mil+)
Trucks and Accessories (18 mil+)
Boats and Accessories (13 mil+)
Dating and Relationships (22 mil+)
New Product Announcements (19 mil+)
Medical Drugs (11 mil+)
Tax Preparation (16 mil+)
College Students (13 mil+)
Grad Students (6 mil+)
Free Giveaways and Sweepstakes (8 mil+)
Education (9 mil+)
Surveys (8 mil+)
Senior Citizens (20 mil+)
Books (27 mil+)
Entertainment (18 mil+)
Office Supplies (6 mil+)
Music (32 mil+)
Credit Cards (16 mil+)
Gifts (15 mil+)
Debt Consolidation, (26 mil+)
Investments (18 mil+)
Health and Fitness (20 mil+)
Weight Loss (24 mil+)
Vitamins (19 mil+)
Software (8 mil+)
Fishing/Camping/Outdoor (24 mil+)
Magazines (15 mil+)
Home Owners (35 mil+)
Work from Home Interest (20 mil+)
Sports (31 mil+)
Clothing (9 mil+)
Internet Shoppers (36 mil+)
Web Security (15 mil+)
Home and Auto Security (11 mil+)
Lawn and Gardening (18 mil+)
Travel and Recreation (17 mil+)
Finance (19 mil+)
Web Design (18 mil+)
Home Mortgages (24 mil+)
Affiliate Marketing Interest (17 mil+)
Hobbies (20 mil+)
Beauty and Supplies (16 mil+)
Christian (31 mil+)
Spanish (Worldwide) (57 mil+)
Adult Product Interest(19 mil+)


Target Code Request Form

Be sure to check all of your folders in your email for a response. New contacts sometimes fall into your spam folder.

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